Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

  • Inspired civic leadership. Equitable access to opportunities. Viable bonds across cultures.

Our Mission:

  • Empowering African immigrants and refugees through civic engagement and creative access to resources.

Core Values

As an organization, AIS is guided by five core values. Combined with our vision and mission, these principles represent our culture and underscore our priorities.

  • Uniqueness - we fill voids and bridge gaps, and break new grounds
  • Excellence - set and achieve outstanding results and the highest quality outcomes
  • Partnership - when we work together as partners, we can overcome all odds
  • Honesty & Integrity - to engender trust, we strive for high ethical standards
  • Diversity - build an inclusive community and foster cross-cultural bonds

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    • Uniqueness
    • Excellence
    • Partnership
    • Honesty & Integrity
    • Diversity